6 Ways To Boost Your Property Value

6 Ways To Boost Your Property Value

Any property investment seeks to increase its value, you’d like it to be worth more than what you have paid for. There are several ways homeowners can do to raise the value of their property, whether they want to sell soon, put for rental or simply want to continue to grow the value of their investment. Here are 6 ways that you can do to boost your property value and of course to get higher return of investment.

1. Freshen Up Your Home’s Appeal

First impressions stick with you for a long time. For starter, you want the home’s exterior doesn’t seem dull in comparison with your neighbors. You want to boost your property value, obviously your property should stand out more compared to the average property in your area.

Make sure the path leading to your gate and entrance door are clean and well-manicured, repair or refresh chipped paint or markings on the door. 

Other relatively inexpensive ideas such as a fresh coat of paint, cleaning up landscaping outside, or replacing of little items such as outdated light fixtures or mailbox numbers. 

2. Routine Maintenance

It’s critical to keep up with your home’s maintenance regularly, even more so when you intend to list your property.

Make sure no visible signs of damp, big cracks and smaller things like taps are fitted securely, door handles are in good shape; all sorts of little things that can form a bad impression of a home.

Routine home maintenance is worth your time and save you money in the long run, after all you want to live in a safe house and run efficiently.

3. Update Your Home’s Finishes

A clean & tidy home is vital not just for a delightful viewing experience but will increase the value of your property almost immediately.

This applies to both the outside and the inside of the building. Garbage, grime, and unusual odours are not appealing characteristics.

The effect a fresh coat of paint will astound you. It has the ability to revitalize and brighten a tired or worn-out space, try to keep it to neutral paint colours.

4. Invest in the Kitchen or Bathroom

Many real estate agents will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that sell homes.  

When these two rooms are outdated, they can keep a property from reaching its highest valuation.

If you are on a renovation budget, kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the best way to increase value to the home.

It is as simple as to CLEAN! replacing the knobs, improving the lighting, to replacing flooring or the countertops. You could replace the toilet, sink, or bathtub in the bathroom. In a kitchen, this can entail purchasing new appliances.

Keep in mind, an upscale remodeling doesn’t necessarily deliver higher return on investment oppose to midrange remodeling in a middle-class neighborhood would be an over-improvement.

5. Make It Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

More Singaporean considering the factors of sustainability and energy-saving when it comes to buying a home.

While you own the house, energy-efficient modifications lowering your utility expenditures. When it comes time to sell, these improvements will appeal to buyer who are looking for energy-efficient features to reduce their own expenditures as homeowners.

 If your property has old appliances that waste energy and date the interiors, an upgrade – even if it’s as simple as installing reasonably priced new appliances – can help you get a better sale price.

6. Clean and De-clutter

A little deep cleaning can go a long way when it comes to selling your home. Take use of this time to thoroughly dust and scrub areas you usually missed.

Less is more, de-cluttering a space and allowing natural lights in makes the room appear spacious, bright and airy feeling an inviting atmosphere.

Assigning a function to each room with proper amount, size and placement of the furniture are key aspects helping potential buyer to envision themselves the right possible impression of the property and its possibilities.


Summing up, property renovation even minor upgrades to improve and elevate the overall quality of the property for the new owners will contribute to a higher valuation.

There are numerous ways to boost the value of your property. If you intend to sell your home soon, you should consult with your real estate agent about which improvements are worthwhile. 

If you intend to stay in your home for an extended period of time, bigger projects may increase both your enjoyment and its resale value.


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