No commission. One fair monthly fee.

We believe that an investment property should not be regarded as just a source of rent, but a valuable and appreciating capital asset.

Ping Property is an all-inclusive Phone App software that helps our property managers manage all your properties and crucial tasks related to that for you. A total ‘Hands-off’ for all Landlords. We record and maintain property details, lease information, contract details, maintenance pictures and videos, tenant billing details and more.

We ensure an end-to-end management of your rental property. We streamline all processes involved in the leasing of your rental property, including the financial details. The features are built meticulously to handle complex tasks such as documents, alerts on approaching deadlines, ongoing repairs and maintenance.

By placing your property in the hands of Ping Property Management, you receive a total management service which will protect your investment, secure your return and free you from inspections and maintenance checks.

We tailor individual management plans to suit your particular property as well as the level of involvement you wish to retain in the ongoing management of your property.