What We Do

Our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world

A real estate company with a purpose

If you have not realised it already, there are a lot of important aspects when it comes to selling or leasing a property. Not paying close enough attention to any one of them could easily extend the time it takes to sell or lease your property and even decrease your final price.  You could enlist the help of a real estate agent to help you navigate the marketing, contract and closing process.

It can take a team effort to get a property sold or leased. Everyone’s objective is the same – it is to get the home sold or leased fast at the highest price point; this is to fulfil our obligation to our client.

Our team at Ping Property puts equal focus on all its listings, since our members can balance the workload throughout the group. Whether it is a $500,000 property or a $5,000,000 property, it all gets the same exposure with our marketing system.

Our Ping Property team offers creativity and a support system. We like to bounce ideas off our partners and our team. There are things that do slip through the cracks, and that is why we have a team. We rely on the other members’ knowledge and experience – we all have different niches.

The variety of roles can differ between teams, and they often depend on the number of members. As our client, you will often work closely with at least a few people as we prepare your property to go on the market.

We aim to accommodate every showing so no one is ever turned away, and we never have to reschedule. If you try to reschedule, you could potentially lose the buyer. Working with a team makes it possible to show a home whenever an interested buyer calls.

Regardless of whether you choose to work with one agent, a small team or an entire army of agents, the relationship between Ping Property and our client is invaluable in making the home selling or leasing process a success.

Our team’s goal is not only to provide an array of services to clients, but also to foster a close relationship and make our Ping Property sellers and landlords confident in the deal they make.