Option to Purchase

OTP (which are often prepared by agents) and Agreements/contracts are documents that create legal rights and obligations, dealing particularly with: 
• title; 
• discharge of encumbrances; 
• vacant possession or subject to tenancy; 
• the date of completion; 
• liability for property tax, maintenance fees or sinking fund; 
• other special terms. 

You should consult your Lawyer before accepting or signing the Option or Agreement/contract. This is to ensure that your interests are protected. 
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The deposit on exercise of the Option or signing of the Agreement/contract will normally be held by the vendor’s lawyers as stakeholders. This is because the sale will normally be subject to: 
• the discharge of encumbrances like mortgage and CPF charge; 
• the title being in order; 
• satisfactory replies to legal requisitions to the various government departments. 

The deposit is therefore held by the vendor’s lawyers as stakeholders to assure the purchaser that the deposit will be kept safely until completion of the purchase. 

Where you are buying property which is under construction, the Singapore Academy of Law will hold a portion of the purchase monies as stakeholders until the expiry of the defects liability period provided in the Agreement/contract.  For any inquiries or questions regarding our services, please contact us.

Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) 

GST is not payable on residential property at present. However, as some residential properties (e.g. shophouse with a Flat above) may involve a commercial component you should seek advice from your lawyer on this as GST will be payable for the commercial component of the property. 

Your Lawyer’s Role In A Property Sale 
When you sell Property, your lawyer’s primary responsibility is to ensure that on completion, you are ready to deliver the title to the property free from your mortgage and CPF charge. This requires your lawyer to liaise with your bank’s and CPF Board’s lawyer for payment, out of the sale proceeds, of the outstanding loan amount and refund of your CPF funds sufficient to discharge the bank’s mortgage and CPF charge. 

HDB Flats 
You are advised to contact the HDB directly in respect of the sale and/or purchase of HDB flats. The HDB has devised their own form of Agreement/contract for the purchase of HDB flats. For any inquiries or questions regarding our services, please contact us.

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