Who We Are

Talent. Drive. Innovation. Service

We have what it takes to push real estate forward

We started this business with the vision of creating a more seamless client experience. Our mission has always been to improve the lives of our clients and communities, one home at a time. Our agents have the knowledge, skills and experience to help maximize the value of your property. Our team consists of hard working people who are supported by regular training programs, the most up-to-the-minute market information and state-of-the-art technology.

With You Every Step of the Way

When you sell a home, it’s not just about selling an asset; it’s about finding a buyers that offers you and your family the best future possible. As your trusted advisors, our agents are ready to walk you through every stage of selling  journey – from guiding you through getting your home on the market to marketing your property and the closing the process. 

How We Do Things Differently

We always aim to make this tough process as easy as possible, allowing you to smoothly transition into the next stage of your life. Our work has allowed us to sell many homes through our dedicated team members and unique marketing ideas. You can only enjoy these benefits when you work with an experienced team like us. 

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose to sell your home with our team:

Accurate Market Appraisals

Our agents have an intimate knowledge of property prices in your area. Our market appraisals take all local benefits into account, whether your property is surrounded by the best amenities, restaurants, schools and transport.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Once your house is looking its best, we use our unique real estate marketing ideas that are proven to get the job done. We envision the ideal buyer that would best suit the home and target our marketing specifically to them. 

Consistent Dedication

Selling your home is about more than just listing and hoping. It requires constant communication and honesty. We continually provide you with feedback from potential buyers and agents, and give you weekly updates on the state of the market and an action plan to sell your home.

Our Home Selling Tips & Strategy

When it comes to Singapore real estate, you’ll need an experienced helping hand if you want to sell quickly and successfully.

Here’s how the process works and how we can help:

Step 1 – Meet, Review, Strategize

The first step starts with a meeting. We’ll discuss your current situation, motivation for selling, timeframe, and the property information.

We’ll go over the entire home selling process with you and walk you through our unique real estate marketing strategies so there’ll be no surprises along the way.

Our approach means that we include our clients in every single detail throughout the home selling process. Together, we’ll discuss custom home selling tips, talk about your goals, and set a timeline that puts the best plan in motion.

Step 2 – Preparing & Marketing Your Home

Once a listing agreement has been signed, you will meet with our professional stager for a complimentary consultation.

They will determine a list of staging recommendations based on your home and budget; depending on your needs, this can range from cleaning and decluttering to repainting and bringing in new furniture or virtual staging.

Our targeted marketing plans focus on the specific buyer profile we put together for each property. By advertising to the right demographic, we’ll find more interested buyers in less time.

We utilize a combination of traditional and new media to showcase your home. Your listing will be advertised in all of the major property portals, as well as social media marketing.

Step 3 – Negotiating and Closing

We know the area, and we know Singapore. So when we get to the closing table, our team of expert negotiators will always get you a fair and justified price.

Once we’ve closed the deal, we’ll help you find your next home based on your needs and budget.

Real People At Every Step

Our aim is to build a Brand around honest, creative and passionate individuals that both we and our clients are proud of.

Why Sell With Us?

We will get your home sold at the highest price possible and on your terms. Plus, we help simplify the home selling process by providing expertise and guidance.

What is your Next Option

Whether you are selling or buying first, whichever comes first will put additional pressure on the other side of the equation.