What is Property Management?

Buying a property to put in the rental market is still one of the best investments you can make, but the difficulties of tenant selection and the day-to-day management challenges deter many prospective landlords.

There are so many time-consuming and complex issues:

  • How do you confidently select tenants?
  • What about rent collection and inspecting the property regularly?
  • How do you set rentals to attract good tenants and ensure a fair return?
  • Who is responsible for routine maintenance?
  • Tenant selection, rental collection, property inspections – we can take care of all of these aspects.
All our Property Management staff are well versed in the legalities of property management so that in the unfortunate event that a tenant should breach their contractual obligations, they will take the necessary steps to solve the issues amicably.

We recognise the importance of monitoring and managing your rental property to enhance its ongoing appreciation while maximising your short term returns.  We have structured and well defined systems to provide consistency in service and deal with any problems quickly and efficiently.

By placing your property in the hands of Ping Property accredited Property Managers, you receive a total management service which will protect your investment and enhance its ongoing appreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What you get for 4% management fees?

Ping Property Management Package covers all our professional services in relation to renting your property. The services included in your Property Management Package are as follows:

  • Drafting an advertisement of your property for internet advertising 
  • Comprehensive marketing of your property on Property Guru, 99.Co, SRX
  • Arranging viewings
  • Processing tenant applications and recommending appropriate tenants
  • Arranging for the execution of Letter of Intent (LOI) & Tenancy Agreement (TA) with the successful applicant and ensuring all amounts due on lease execution have been paid
  • Preparing property condition report & Inventory List at the time of entering into a TA
  • Collection of rent on behalf of landlord
  • Conducting periodic routine inspections of the property to ensure that the tenant is appropriately maintaining the property
  • Arranging for maintenance and repairs as throughout the Tenancy period
How is Ping Property different from other agents?
  • No upfront commission. We only get paid when Landlord gets paid
  • We eyeball all rent payments
  • We conduct routine inspections accompanied with a report after all inspections
  • We can be your full proxy for the property
  • Your property will be fully managed by us
  • Landlord will receive monthly statement
  • Landlord will receive an annual Financial Statement
  • We are THE ONLY company who has a Property Management Phone Apps
Why are the other real estates agents not providing the same services?

Most importantly, lets that a look at what CEA stated:
The property agents (salesperson’s) role ended after a TA is signed. Any services rendered by salespersons after the signing of the TA will be out of goodwill. The salespersons are not obliged to help Landlord or Tenant in terms of payment of monthly rental or any other matters, unless there is a management contract signed between the Landlord and the salesperson.

However, CEA note that many salespersons do assist the Tenant/Landlord (depending on which party the salesperson is representing) with issues pertaining to the tenancy period so as to maintain cordial relationship with their client.

  • They do not have the resources  
  • They do not have the knowledge or know how
  • Property Management is taking up too much of their time
What are other fees?

All other fees:

  • Leasing fee: 1/2 month of rental for 12 months lease
  • Leasing fee: 1 month of rental for 24 months lease

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Steven Cheong
“Both Andy and Pamela are very professional Property Agent. They managed to arrange for the best clients as per your requirements in a very short period. The entire process is very systematic and they gave good follow up and feedback.”
Angel Aquinde
Ping Property good service (more on Trustpilot)
“It was a delight to work with Pam and Andy. Both are very professional and responsive. The onboarding and handover of rented unit was done seamlessly. Thanks Pam and Andy!”

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