HDB Seller Eligibility

Prior to selling your HDB flat, you should first check your eligibility to sell your unit. You must have fulfilled the Minimum Occupation Period of 5 years (MOP). The clock starts from the date when you collect the keys to your flat. It excludes any period where you did not live in the flat, such as when the whole flat is rented out.


Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Resident quota

The purchaser of your flat has to be within the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Resident quota for the block or neighbourhood. The EIP ensures a balanced ethnic mix in HDB estates, thereby helping to promote racial integration and harmony.

If the household does not include a Singapore Citizen or Malaysian PR, they can purchase a resale flat only if the EIP and SPR quota has not been reached. The SPR quota ensures that SPR families can better integrate into the local community. Malaysians are excluded from this quota because of their close cultural and historical similarities with Singaporeans.



Declaring bankruptcy is not a scenario many people would have considered when they are planning their finances.  The good news is that your HDB home is protected from your Official Assignee. You will also be able to continue making mortgage payments via your CPF funds. Furthermore, you can use your CPF to purchase a HDB flat even if you are a bankrupt. However, in the event that the flat owners wish to sell the flat, the consent of the Official Assignee is not required if any of the owners is a Singaporean Citizen. If none of the owners are citizens, the consent of the Official Assignee is required before they sell their flat.



Most couples that begin a divorce are unprepared and are often not even on the same page when they begin. HDB will only allow you to sell the flat if all of the eligibility conditions are met. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to work together to get the get the sale of your HDB flat done with as quickly as possible in order to move on with your lives.

If you have completed the MOP, HDB will require you to produce the following documents to sell your flat:

    • Writ for Judicial Separation (previously known as Deed of Separation); or
    • Interim Judgment (previously known as Decree Nisi) and Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final (previously known as Certificate of Making the Decree Nisi Absolute); or
    • Divorce Certificate (for Muslims); and
    • Order of Court (if any).

An official English translation of these documents by an interpreter of the Supreme Court or Family Justice Courts is required if the documents are not in any of the 4 official languages.


Divorced with children

If you have custody (care and control) of your child, you can retain the flat if eligibility conditions are met.


Divorced without children

If you have no children from the marriage, you can retain the flat under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme if:

    • You are a Singapore citizen
    • You are at least 35 years old
    • Your matrimonial flat is a resale flat purchased from the open market without the CPF Housing Grant for Family

For matrimonial flats bought directly from HDB and resale flats bought with the CPF Housing Grant for Family, the 5-year MOP must be satisfied before you can retain the flat under the SSC Scheme. Alternatively, you can include another person to retain the flat with, but this is subject to the prevailing eligibility conditions and schemes.


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