5 Tips for Property Buyers When Hiring An Agent in Singapore

You are ready to hit the market, buy your dream home and conquer this homeownership thing? It’s an exciting step in life, to be sure. But there’s so much to keep track of along the way. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a massive list of real estate tips for buyers to help guide you through everything?

If you’re feeling inundated with information and you’re unsure of where to start, you’re not alone. In fact, according to recent data, 80% of first-time homebuyers feel overwhelmed by the process.

Let’s now focus on hiring an agent. Hiring an agent is a big deal. This is someone who will help you through one of the biggest transactions of your life. Here’s how to find the right fit.

First, don’t skip hiring an agent!

An agent’s job is to advocate for you and save you money during the complicated process of buying a home. And the best part? You don’t even need to pay them yourself!

That’s right — in most cases, the seller covers the buyer agent’s commission. So there’s really no good reason not to hire an agent.

But, you need to do your own research

That said, there’s a world of difference between a top agent who consistently closes deals quickly and saves their buyers money, and one who’s in the real estate game part-time to make a couple bucks here and there. So make sure you hire the right person!

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Stick with a full-time agent who’s at the top of their game

Speaking of researching potential agents, here are a few things to look for:
You want to choose someone who’s a full-time agent, and preferably someone who’s been in the business a long time (or is at least working with someone who has).

Check how many deals they’ve done over the last year. Is it, say, fewer than five? You might want to skip them.
Not only should your agent close a lot of deals, but they should be able to demonstrate through their results how they’ve saved other buyers money and helped them close quickly.

Your agent should also have specific knowledge that will meet your unique needs. First time purchasing a home? Your agent should be a first-time buyer whisperer. Planning to buy a foreclosure? Get an agent who specializes in them and knows the process inside and out.

A great agent also has relationships across the industry. Does your would-be agent have a seemingly endless rolodex of all the best lenders, contractors, inspectors, and property managers in the area? They’re probably at the top of their game.

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Ask them for references

Don’t hire an agent without asking for multiple — yes, multiple — references.

And make sure you check those references! Sure, it’s awkward, but not as awkward as having to fire your agent later because they weren’t the right fit.

Set expectations

For the next couple of months, you’ll have a close working relationship with your agent, so set expectations and boundaries right off the bat.

Talk with your agent about how you’d like to communicate and work together. Do you prefer text, email, or a quick phone call? What times of day are you the most available to respond to your agent? How often would you like to check in with them? Will you be working with a team, or will one agent be your main point of contact?

If there are certain times or dates you aren’t available, or when you can’t be contacted, be upfront with your agent. The more you communicate your availability and preferences, the better your working relationship will be!

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