Singapore Property: Acknowledge and Endorse Resale Documents

After buyer’s resale application has been submitted, HDB will compute buyer’s financial plan, and prepare the documents for the withdrawal of their CPF monies and online health declaration for coverage under the Home Protection Insurance Scheme. HDB will also prepare the forms and undertakings for the buyers and sellers to endorse. 

Once these documents are ready, they will be posted on the HDB Resale Portal. HDB will notify buyers and sellers via SMS to endorse these documents within 6 days. A reminder SMS will be sent if the documents are not endorsed, and the resale completion date will be postponed, if buyers or sellers fail to endorse the documents within the extended deadline.

Documents for endorsement includes:

1. Buyer’s financial plan
HDB will prepare a proposed financial plan based on what has been indicated in the resale application

If buyers wish to make changes to the draft financial plan, buyers can revise the financial plan on the HDB Resale Portal, and endorse the revised financial plan.

2. CPF Withdrawal
HDB will prepare for the withdrawal of CPF monies based on the agreed financial plan. With the endorsement on the HDB Resale Portal, the CPF Board will release the CPF monies to pay for the flat purchase.

Please ensure that all buyers have sufficient CPF funds in their respective CPF Ordinary Accounts for the payment. Buyers may have to top-up the difference in cash if there are insufficient funds in the CPF accounts at the point of the deduction.

3. Health Declaration Forms for Home Protection Scheme
Buyers are required to fill up the Health Declaration Forms (HPS) to declare your share of coverage and health status, to apply for the CPF Board’s Home Protection Insurance Scheme.

4. Resale documents for acknowledgement

Important note:

The resale documents must be endorsed individually by all buyers.

Buyers are required to read through the documents before endorsing them. Buyers can check the status of the whole endorsement process via the HDB Resale Portal.

The documents are provided in pdf format. Buyers can save a copy for reference.

If buyers have questions on the draft financial plan or the resale documents, they can contact the Customer Relations Manager (CRM) in charge of your application for clarifications. The CRM’s details are provided on the HDB Resale Portal.

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