Preparing Your Tenancy

When we give you the good news that you’ve secured the property you want we’ll also implement plans to ensure that you understand your obligations as a tenant. We’ll take the time to discuss everything in detail with you.

During your Tenancy Induction we will go through the following with you:

  • Tenancy agreement – the specific details of your tenancy with us.
  • Payment of rent – how to pay your rent.
  • Zero tolerance late rent policy – rent must always be paid on time and we will explain our policy for rent payments.
  • Property Condition Report – we will explain the importance of this report, how you will need to sign off on the report and how you can request amendments or add information to this report.
  • Repairs and emergency repair procedures.
  • Monies receipted – we will issue you with a receipt for your payment of any rent/bond, (unless we have previously given you a receipt.)

Please note: connection of gas, electricity, telephone and water are the responsibility of the tenant.


As a tenant, you are responsible for paying the rent and must continue to pay it when it is due.  You cannot stop paying rent, even if:

  • the landlord or owner refuses to do repairs
  • you are in the last month of your rental agreement
  • you have given notice that you intend to vacate
  • you have been given a notice to vacate.

If you are paying the rent by electronic funds transfer , make sure you leave enough time (at least 24 hours) for the money to go into the nominated account; otherwise your rent may be late. With payment methods such as GIRO, it can take up to three days for funds to be cleared.