Keep it in a Good Condition

It is expected that the property be kept reasonably clean and this is also a tenancy agreement requirement.

Walls, switches, power points, skirting, doors and doorways – keep these free from marks and dirty finger marks.

Blinds – keep these cleaned and dust-free

Windows/sills/window tracks – keep these regularly cleaned and dusted.

Floors – keep these regularly swept and mopped. Floors in the kitchen and wet areas may need to be scrubbed to keep surfaces, tiles and grouting looking clean.

Ventilation – ensure that all rooms are kept adequately ventilated to avoid problems associated with condensation, causing mould and possible health problems.

Wet Areas, bathroom, toilet and laundry grouting/tiles – ensure all tiles are kept free from grime, soap scum and mould.

Air Conditioners – There is a quarterly (3 monthly) servicing clause in the Tenancy Agreement so make sure you have receipts or a contract with supplier to prove during handover of property.

No Smoking Policy – all our properties have a strict ‘no smoking inside’ policy.

Tenant painting – tenants should not paint any part of the property themselves, painting can only be carried out by experienced, professional painters with our written permission.

Fixtures and Fittings – if you wish to install or remove any fixtures or fittings, you must request this beforehand in writing.

Picture Hooks – if you wish to install any new picture hooks, you would have to reinstate and repaint the walls at the end of the tenancy period.

Washing or dry cleaning curtains – most curtains and netting are machine washable but it is vitally important that you check the labels before you wash them. Drapes are often only be suitable for dry cleaning, so please check all labels first. In most cases curtains should only be hand washed. Incorrect washing could result in damage and may need to be replaced at your cost.

Termites – will quickly eat through a property and can cause extensive damage. Please bring this to our attention immediately if you suspect there is a termite problem.

In the kitchen

Dishwashers provided as part of your tenancy need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and any build-up of food remains removed including filter cleaned.

Grouting/Tiling/Taps – be sure that if you notice grouting or silicone sealing coming off/loose around any tiles near or around the taps and/or taps dripping/leaking to let us know by a repair request.

Oven and stove tops – ensure that stove tops, grillers and ovens are kept free of burnt on food. Food, crumbs and spills when left long enough become burnt on, blackened and carbonised, making them very difficult to remove. Please use care when using scourers as these may scratch and damage enamel surfaces.

Exhaust fans/vents and range hoods – please ensure any vents and range hood filters are kept clean. Ensure the exhaust fan cover is clean and kept free of grime build up. From time to time these should be taken down and removed to be soaked in hot soapy water, and then scrubbed clean.

Cupboards and drawers – the interior of most cupboards and drawers have a lining that is easy to clean. However substances spilled like sauces will, if left, prove difficult to remove and may leave permanent stains. Cupboard shelving, doors, doorframes and inside drawers/cutlery tidies should be cleaned at least on an annual basis.

In the wet areas- bathroom, toilet and laundry

Blocked sinks and drains – should a sink or basin become blocked, first try a drain cleaning product like Draino. Be sure to follow the product instructions carefully and pay particular attention if you have a septic rather than a sewered system as to whether the product is safe. If the sink or basin is still blocked after treatment, please let us know so we can arrange for a plumber to attend to the problem.

Foreign objects down drains – take care not to allow children to place toys or other items down drains. If your property has a septic tank system, please do not flush foreign objects like sanitary products down the toilet. Septic tank systems are not able to process this type of material. If a plumber is employed by us to clear pipes, drains, basins or sinks and it is determined that the blockage was caused by something considered foreign, this expense will be billed to the tenant for payment.

Leaking taps – report any taps leaking either from a tap head or tap handles. This includes washing machine taps. Sometimes washing machine taps will leak only when connected to automatic washing machine hoses as the tap water pressure exposes leakage in the taps.

Leaking toilets – water trickling or leaking into the bowl from the cistern usually indicates a worn cistern washer and needs to be fixed by a plumber. Water left to trickle into the bowl continuously may inflate your water bill and therefore needs to be reported to us when noticed. Also leaking may occur to the tap behind the toilet.

Hot water system leaks – should you notice the hot water service leaking constantly from the valve or from the base of the unit please let us know. The leaking valve is usually fixable by a plumber, however water leaking from the base of a water storage unit usually indicates the unit has rusted through and may need replacement in the near future.