How to Price it Right

Understanding your market can be the difference between getting top dollar for your HDB flat or watching it sit unsold. Speak to your Ping Property Agent to help you set realistic expectations about how long it will take and how much you will get.

Take Stock of Inventory

Like pretty much any commodity, real estate is ruled by supply and demand. More buyers than supply? You will get a premium if you sell.

Check Market Values

Your experienced Ping Property Agent can help give you a real-world idea of what is going on out there. They know what buyers are looking for in your neighbourhood.

Seller’s Market

If you are in a true sellers’ market, the property should sell itself, right? Not true. That is because everyone looking for a property knows that only the good ones are selling quickly.  In any market, listings that go “stale” will lose value.

It is also critical to plan your next move in a sellers’ market. If your home is priced right, it could sell much faster than you anticipated.  Know where you and your belongings will go if there is an unexpected gap between selling your home and moving into your new one.  Your Ping Property agent can guide you to decide what strategy works best in your particular situation and market.

Buyer’s Market

Selling in a buyers’ market requires patience, flexibility and attention to details. As in any market, the first and best strategy to make top dollar is to research the competition and price the home right. In a buyers’ market, you will need to take a few extra steps to make your home stand out from among all the choices potential buyers have.

In any kind of market – buyers’, sellers’ or neutral – your best tools are planning, research and a knowledgeable Ping Property Agent. To learn more about your market, speak to your Ping Property Agent today.

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Our 5-star level of service and depth of knowledge in negotiation is creating a new industry standard. Our services include:

  • A Market Appraisal
  • A 360 Virtual Tour
  • A Video Home Tour
  • Professional Photos
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advice on how best to present your home
  • Advertise on our website and major property portals
  • Continuous monitoring of your marketing campaign
  • Timely feedback about your sales campaign
  • Negotiation of the sale of your property
  • Ensuring all relevant documentation is completed
Yan Yan
A big thank you to Andy & Pamela (more on Trustpilot)
“A big thank you to Andy & Pamela. Very grateful to meet both of them and engaged their services. Our unit (left with 56 years lease) was listed and sold in 6 weeks. We were very impressed! Andy & Pamela were very professional and prompt in their responses.”
Juli Santo
Way exceeded expectation (more on Trustpilot)
“Way exceeded expectation. 1 time viewing and sold right away!! We decided to reach out to Ping Property to sell our unit and we made best decision. They provide top quality service and extend assistance more than expected.”
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