How to Sell Your House in Singapore: Listing and Marketing

In the last article of How to Sell Your House in Singapore, we have covered the topic of how to find the right agent. Let’s us now look into what you should do before listing and marketing your Singapore property for sale.

Start prepping your home for an open house before it’s listed — there’s a lot to do and it’ll be much less stressful than rushing through everything last minute.

Here’s your home-prep checklist:

General Maintenance

Paint any rooms that have bold colors to light neutral colors — gray is the color for 2016-17, so outdated. Remove 99% of your personal photos and knick-knacks, along with any ugly storage containers.

Deep clean everything, including vacuuming dust from vents and dusting fans. Replace all of your energy efficient light bulbs for the time being. They take time to brighten up, which can give buyers a bad impression of your house. Replace them with instant bright bulbs, so your buyers aren’t wandering around in dim rooms.


Remove everything from the countertops, then put one item back (a bowl of fruit or a piece of favorite pottery). The idea is to make the counters look as though there’s plenty of room for cooking. Remove all magnets and notes from fridge doors, sides, and top. Remove all area rugs from around the sink or the fridge — this lets the flooring show through.


Replace all towels with white towels. Remove all throw rugs and everything from the shower/tub area. Once that’s done, roll up a few white towels and set them at the corner of the tub with a package of nice spa soaps or bubble bath.


Remove pet bowls and litter boxes. Don’t ever use candles to make a house smell good — buyers will think that you’re trying to cover up pet odors. Instead, use an odor eliminator like Febreze


Remove broken blinds, along with all screens from the house windows. The screens make the difference between looking through a foggy lens and a clear one — removing them gives potential buyers a much clearer idea of what they’ll be able to see. Along the same lines, wash all windows, inside and out.

Last but not least, make sure the front door is flawless

It’s the first thing buyers see. While you or your agent stands at the door fumbling with your keys, buyers will look around and notice the details. Get a fresh coat of paint on the front door, add a flower pot near the door, look at everything else on the porch and around the entryway and make sure it’s all shined up and spiffy.

Finally, listing and marketing

Once you’ve done all the pre-listing prep, it’s now your agent’s turn to list the house, set up an open house, and market your home. How to find the right agent for your house? We have listed them here.

When the day of the open house rolls around, you should probably make yourself scarce. It’s natural to want to be around to answer questions but that’s your agent’s job — and your presence might keep buyers from being honest with their comments and questions.

If potential buyers can’t be honest with their questions, their sales objections won’t get addressed by the agent and they probably won’t make an offer.

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