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Post Your Own Ad

Post your HDB or private property advertisement on Ping Property for sale. Ping Property is a free DIY platform. You can connect and chat with your buyers directly and save thousands in commission. For HDB sellers, before you post your HDB for sale, you would need to register your Intent to Sell at the HDB Resale Portal. This Intent to Sell is valid for 12 months. Make sure that you have completed your Minimum Occupation Period of 5 years. 

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Option to Purchase

Once you have a buyer, both parties then negotiate the selling price. When price has been agreed, an Option to Purchase is prepared and signed by seller to confirm the purchase and the price. At the same time as signing the Option to Purchase, the buying party will pay a deposit. The payment is made directly to the sellers. It is 1% for private property or $1000 for HDB. If you need assistance in preparing the required documents for the sale, our team of experienced agents can provide you with the service for a fixed fee. Contact us for more details.

Exercise of Contract

Once your buyers’ loan offer has been signed, they would be able to exercise on your Option to Purchase. A further deposit of 4% is to be paid to the conveyancing account or in the case of HDB, $4k is to be paid to the seller.



If you have an existing loan with a bank, by this stage you will likely already have met with your lawyers for conveyancing and loan redemption. On the day of completion your legal representatives will represent you. The work is done, the paperwork and cashiers orders prepared and this is just the formality.  Completion is normally 8-12 weeks from the date your buyer exercises.

If you have an existing HDB loan, you may engage HDB’s lawyer for conveyancing. After HDB has approved your resale application, the completion date will normally be 6-8 weeks later. HDB will provide both parties a completion letter in the portal to inform them of the inspection date and completion date to attend the completion appointment at HDB Hub. 

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